An Interactive Bible Institute.

One of the newest ways that Sunset International Bible Institute has expanded its ministry is through the addition of interactive video teleconferencing. This state-of-the-art technology allows students in a "remote classroom" to take part in the actual classes being taught at the residential campus in Lubbock, TX. Classes are transmitted live to Puyallup, WA as well as Altoona, PA.

Through a live broadband internet connection, remote classroom students can see and interact with the instructors as they teach. Instructors can, in turn, see the students thousands of miles away and interact with them. The result is that the instructor can teach and interact with students in the classroom in Lubbock, as well as with students in the remote classroom in Puyallup, WA, as if they were all in one location. This makes it possible for students in remote locations to jointly study God's word just as though they were resident students in Lubbock.

Through this arrangement, SIBI Northwest is able to offer the entire two year Bible training program being taught at the resident school in Lubbock. Students in Puyallup who complete the classes and requirements receive the same Bachelor of Biblical Studies from SIBI that the resident students in Lubbock receive.

We believe that this effort to share Sunset's proven curriculum with students in distant locations will set the tone for future training of ministers in every part of this country and the entire world.

Our Purpose. Our Passion.

Jesus answered him, "It is written, 'You shall worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.'" - Luke 4:8 (NASB)

Jesus' response to Satan's temptation says it all. Our mission is to serve our God to the utmost. How we go about doing that differs from person to person. Each of us works within our own abilities, and talents given by God, to benefit the world and the church. In doing this, we are serving our God.

The purpose of SIBI Northwest is to help those who are seeking to increase their knowledge and spiritual maturity. SIBI Northwest trains Christian men and women to fulfill their role and purpose in service to God. Strengthening individuals and churches as a whole to reach their full potential in the Kingdom of God is a simple, yet vital mission.

We hold to the original vision of Sunset International Bible Institute, "Training Whole Persons to Communicate the Whole Gospel to the Whole World, Wholly to Please God." The world needs the message, and the world needs messengers who are equipped to live and share that message.

Meet Our Dedicated Team.

Bob Stump is the director of SIBI Northwest. He is a graduate of Bear Valley School of Preaching (1976) and the Sunset School of Preaching, Missions School (1977). He preached 15 years for the Springbrook church of Christ, Renton, WA (1977-1991). In January 1992 he moved to Bratislava, Slovakia where he served as a missionary until June 2013. Bob worked with congregations and individuals in Slovakia through personal studies and counseling, small groups, leadership training, and preaching. He taught seminars in Graz, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; and Prague, Czech Republic. While in Bratislava, he volunteered to teach English conversation for 16 years at a public high school, Jura Hronca Gymnazium.

Carolyn McCaul is secretary for SIBI Northwest and the Puyallup church of Christ. She has been a member at Puyallup for 30 years, working beside her husband who is an elder at the Puyallup church of Christ.

Free For Students.

The school provides free marriage and family counseling on a professional and biblical basis for all students. Knowing how much stress is placed on today's families by our society, we offer this service to help create and support strong, functional families, which are the backbone of the church and the community.

Training for ministry can be very difficult, so we want to make sure our students and their families are healthy and whole, able to cope with the pressures that come with the studies, as well as future ministry.

For more information, please visit the Agape Counseling Center:

Tuition-free & VA Benefit Approved.

A Quality Education for Zero Tuition

One of the blessings of receiving this training and equipping at SIBI Northwest is that there is not the typical tuition cost found at Christian universities, or other private and public schools of higher education. The non-profit organization, College Board, lists the following data on average published yearly tuition and fees1:

Type of College Avg. Annual Tuition & Fees
Public Two-Year College (in state students) $3,131
Public Four-Year College (in state students) $8,655
Public Four-Year College (out of state students) $21,706
Private Four-Year College $29,056

Actual costs vary depending on the State and type of institution. The point in mentioning the topic on our site is that we do not charge tuition. The basic cost of the education is paid for by donations from independent congregations and interested Christians.

However, there are fees associated with registration for each class term.
Registration Fee Schedule (valid from August 2014)
$120 per term for a student taking all classes, or
$20 per course (including preaching labs and public speaking classes) for a part-time or auditing student, there will be no Technology Fee.
This is an annual cost of $480, plus books and supplies.

The cost of a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree at SIBI Northwest is substantially lower than an equivalent degree at many other institutions – approximately an 85-90% savings.

While each student is required to provide for his/her own housing and expenses during the two years, most students receive financial assistance from congregations and individuals who desire to support the training and development of preachers and Bible majors. Ask your church, your family, your friends. There are probably a number of people ready to help you train for ministry.
1 No date for the statistics was given at the College Board site. However, Wikipedia identified the date as 2013.

Welcome Veterans and Military Personnel

At Sunset, we appreciate the deep commitment and strenuous effort you have shown as part of the United States military. Thank you for helping us to preserve our Constitution, and the freedoms that are part of our national heritage.

If you are transitioning out of the military soon, or if you have time in your schedule to take classes at our study center in Puyallup, we invite you to contact our office so that we can help you gain greater skills for leadership in the Kingdom of God.

Our residence program is approved for V. A. benefits and we can put you in touch with staff who can help you gain access to the benefits you have earned. Call 253-845-6312 or use the CONTACT PAGE to get more information.

"I qualified for the Yellow Ribbon Program, which means that even at a private school my tuition is paid in full, I receive a housing allowance, and I also receive money for books. The Post-9/11 GI Bill has helped me achieve my goal of going back to school."
-- Danny Wilson, SIBI Alumnus, 2013