Get In the Word.

Sunset International Bible Institute has a 50+ year history of dedicating its heart and energy to preparing men and women to take the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the lost around the world, and to strengthen the churches of Christ with the truths of God's Word. While many souls have been won by the power of the gospel preached by Sunset's graduates, and many congregations have been encouraged to let their light shine among people to the glory of the Father, Sunset's fervor for training Christians has not diminished. Therefore, SIBI continues to look for men who have a fire in their bones for preaching the gospel and building up Christ's Church.

Sunset's training staff is second to none. The instructors are seasoned educators with a wealth of knowledge acquired through many years of studying God's word critically, years of ministry work in local congregations and mission fields around the world, preaching gospel meetings, teaching seminars, and serving the church in a variety of ways.

Intensive Bible Training for Serious Bible Students

SIBI is an accelerated, yet comprehensive two-year ministry training program. It is especially suited for those who are eager to begin serving the Lord, but need in-depth biblical training and ministerial equipping. For students who want to extend the training over three years, that option is available (see below). In the two-year track, six classes per term are taken. In the three-year track, 4 classes per term are taken.

New students are admitted to the program at the beginning of each term, but most begin in August or January. Each school year consists of four terms, each lasting eight weeks. Each student is required to complete eight terms in order to graduate. Sunset's summer recess falls during the months of June and July.

Course and Curriculum

The two-year program is SIBI's main program of training. Throughout the two years of training and study, students participate in a rich array of classes, from textual study to spiritual enrichment to ministry application. This training is rigorous, providing in just two years the same number of class hours that would require four or more years to complete at a typical college pace. This training is also deeply rewarding, launching students into a lifetime of growth and ministry.

The curriculum listed here is complemented by evangelistic campaigns, ministry internships, workshops, seminars, chapel lectures, faculty mentoring, counseling, student orientation, and mid-course evaluations.

Old Testament

  • Old Testament History I
    Scope of the entire Old Testament, places, men, women and promises from God.
  • Old Testament History II
    Continuation of the entire Old Testament, places, men, women and promises from God.
  • Minor Prophets
    Textual study of the books dealing with the minor prophets.
  • Isaiah
    Textual study of the book of Isaiah.
  • Daniel & Ezekiel
    Textual study of the book of Daniel & Ezekiel.
  • Wisdom Literature
    Textual study of the books of Psalms, Proverbs, Job, and Song of Solomon.

New Testament

  • Letters of John
    Textual study of the books of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John.
  • Life & Teachings of Jesus I
    Study of the book of Luke viewing the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • Life & Teachings of Jesus II
    Continuation of Life & Teachings of Jesus I, covering the book of Matthew with emphasis on the Sermon on the Mount.
  • Acts of the Apostles
    Textual study of the book of Acts.
  • I Corinthians
    Textual study of the book of I Corinthians.
  • I & II Thessalonians / Philippians
    Textual study of the books of Philippians and Thessalonians.
  • Galatians
    Textual study of the book of Galatians.
  • II Corinthians
    Textual study of the book of II Corinthians.
  • Ephesians / Colossians
    Textual study of the books of Ephesians and Colossians.
  • I & II Peter / James
    Textual study of the books of I & II Peter and James.
  • Hebrews
    Textual study of the book of Hebrews.
  • Romans
    Textual study of the book of Romans.
  • Gospel of John
    Textual study of the book of John.
  • I & II Timothy / Titus
    Textual study of the books of I & II Timothy and Titus.
  • Revelation
    Textual study of the book of Revelation.


  • Evangelistic Message
    Teaches techniques of organization and delivery of a Biblical text.
  • Evangelistic Methods
    Presentation of various methods of teaching small groups and individuals.


  • Introduction to Ministry Studies
    A course designed to help the student improve his/her study skills and to communicate more effectively, especially in written form.
  • Spiritual Disciplines
    The study and the application of various biblical disciplines which will assure spiritual growth of the individual.
  • Christian Home

    The study of marital maturity, values, insights and skills which include communication, financial management, sexual harmony, and parenting.
  • Effective Bible Study
    Using the books of Jude and Philippians study skills are taught which develop research and study habits.
  • Christian Counseling
    Basic non-clinical counseling skills and insights relevant to the people-helping tasks of ministry.

History / Evidences

  • Christian Evidences
    Study of historical and scientific proof of Biblical people, places, and events.
  • Church History & Doctrine
    Survey of church history from pre-Christian background through the Reformation and Restoration Movements, to today.


  • Greek
    Study of the New Testament Greek language, grammar, and syntax.


  • Biblical Theology of Missions
    The study of missions as seen throughout the scriptures.


  • Confident Preaching
    Practical approach to confident, bold, enthusiastic, and sincere speaking by use of short, personal topics.
  • Interpretive Reading
    Practical approach to reading scriptures effectively.
  • Topical Preaching
    Research and presentation of select topics from scriptures.
  • Evangelistic Preaching
    Practical approach to speaking compellingly.
  • Introduction to Homiletics
    Development of the ability of logical thought and recognizing false concepts.
  • Preaching from the Gospels
    Emphases include Jesus' life and teachings as the foundation and motivation for Christian living, with an introduction to the narrative style of preaching.
  • Preaching from the Old Testament
    Development and presentation of sermons from the Old Testament. Emphasis on narrative approach and using O.T. text to a N.T. reference for authoritative Christian use.
  • Preaching from the Epistles
    Emphasis placed on preaching from a short text and a series of sermons from one of the Epistles, striving for proper balance between Biblical exegesis and practical application.
  • Special Events Preaching
    Development and presentation of sermons for weddings and funerals, and instructor assistance in ministering at such times.


  • Scheme of Redemption
    A theological, doctrinal, and historical study of the Messianic seed prophecies from Genesis to the ascension.
  • Sacrificial System
    A study of the Old Testament worship based on the Law of Moses and the concepts of sacrifice and atonement.
  • Church of Christ
    The history of the church from the first century, through the reformation and the restoration.

Christian Worship

  • Practicum
    Students regularly serve in area congregations preaching, teaching, and serving, both in the worship assembly, and in projects and activities. This serves as valuable, "hands-on" training in ministry.

Congregational Ministry Track

  • Advanced Homiletics
    An advanced course in the study and preparation of sermons with a deeper study of the various types of sermons. The course is designed to equip the student to preach more creatively and effectively. Major emphases include enhancing communication skills and increasing organizational strategies.
  • Church Growth
    The basic objective of this course is to study the tri-dimensional patterns found in healthy, dynamic, and growing congregations of the Lord's people (quantitative growth, qualitative growth, and structural growth).
  • Leadership Development
    In this course we propose to assess the areas of needed leadership development within a congregation and contribute positively to leadership growth in the brotherhood. Objectives are to help each student visualize his or her own leadership potential, to construct a profile of what the Bible pictures as a strong spiritual church leader, and to promote a better understanding of God's leadership plan for the church.
  • Congregational Ministry
    This course examines the special work of a minister in a local church setting. Major areas of emphasis include the minister's work, his interpersonal relationships, his spiritual life, and dealing with ministry struggles.

Rise to the challenge.

Sunset International Bible Institute's residential course curriculum was designed to immerse students in the training program, and provide as much preparation as possible in a short period of time. However, we understand that not every student is able to put in the necessary time and attention to completing the full training in the standard two year program.

Perhaps you would like to train for ministry, but are struggling financially, and are unable to take two years to dedicate all your time to school. You might be in the military, and living with the uncertainty that a military schedule can bring. Or, you might be an international student still developing your English skills, and you need some extra time to work on your studies.

There are a variety of challenges that hinder students from diving into the intensive two-year program. That's why SIBI offers a three year option. You can get all the training and courses at a more manageable pace, leaving you time and energy to devote to other important things in your life. Contact us today to ask about planning your specialized program.

Learn Within Your Schedule.

SIBI-NW offers college-level, in-depth, Bible study courses and Bible-based counseling courses for all ages. Courses are usually offered in each quarter during the school year, meeting once a week for two hours.

The evening courses are from the Sunset Extension School curriculum. The format involves a local instructor who leads the discussion and provides assistance in understanding the SIBI lecture that is delivered via DVD. Assignments, memory verses, quizzes, and exams are administered by the local instructor. Participants may audit the courses or take them for credit towards a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies.

Courses are usually 1 quarter (13 weeks for 12 lessons) or 2 quarters (26 weeks for 24 lessons). Requirements for each course depend on the course level. Below is a description of the course levels.

Audit (Level 1)
Classes are taken to enhance your Bible knowledge. No fees. Students are not required to take exams or turn in assignments, but must purchase study guides and take weekly “pop-quizzes.”

Certificate of Basic Bible Studies (Level 2)
There is a fee of $30. Students must purchase required textbooks and study guides, complete exercises, some memorization work, and written exams. Certificate presented at completion of curriculum.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies (Level 3)
There is a fee of $90. Students must meet all requirements and complete all 40 courses listed in the SIBI catalog. Requirements include buying textbooks and study guides, completing exercises, memory work, written exams, and research papers.

A one-time registration fee of $25 is sent to SIBI (Lubbock) for level 2 and 3 courses. If you have registered in the past, you do not need to pay the fee again. Fees are due the first week of each course.

Courses in Puyallup, WA

Beginning September 9, 2014 the following courses will be offered at the SIBINW building:
Introduction to Christian Counseling
Instructor: Ken Wilson
Tuesdays: 7-8:30pm Lessons: 12
Starting: September 9 This course is a resource for Christians who wish to develop counseling and communication skills for reaching out to hurting people, always referring to the Bible as the ultimate source of authority.
Level 1 & 2—Required Textbooks
The Fundamentals of Christian Counseling — By Ken Wilson, Ph.D. $24.95
Christian Counseling Workbook — By Ken Wilson, Ph.D. $13.95
Level 3—Additional Required Textbook
Telling Yourself The Truth — By William Backus $14.99
Dr. Ken Wilson has been a minister and family counselor since 1971. He earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in Bible and Ministry from Bethany Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Cornerstone University in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. Dr. Wilson is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and Board Certified Clinical Supervisor with the National Christian Counselors Association, and a charter member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. He is also the Founder and President of Agape Counseling Center and author of seven published books.

Life and Teachings of Christ—Part 1 (of 2)
Instructor: Bob Stump
Tuesdays: 7-8:30pm Lessons: 1-12 (of 24)
Starting: September 9

The gospel records (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) were written to reveal the life that we have been designed and invited to live - The Life of Christ! In order for us to imitate and live that life, it is imperative that we examine very carefully the life of our Lord. This course has 2 parts, with 12 lessons in each part.
Level 1 —Required Textbook
The Life of Christ Study Guide—By Richard Rogers $10.99
Level 2 & 3—Additional Required Textbooks
The Life of Christ—Richard Rogers $15.99
The Chronological Life of Christ—By Mark E. Moore $39.99
Bob Stump graduated from Bear Valley School of Preaching (1976) and Sunset School of Missions (1977). He preached 15 years for the Springbrook church of Christ (Renton) and served as a missionary in Slovakia for 22 years. He taught seminars in Graz, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; and Prague, Czech Republic. While in Bratislava, he volunteered to teach English conversation for 16 years at a public high school, Jura Hronca Gymnazium.

Registration for Evening Classes

A flyer with a registration form can be downloaded here. Or, you can register by using our online contact form. If you have questions, please call 253-845-6312.

Earn Your Bible Degree.

Through the degree program at Sunset International Bible Institute you can receive a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree and qualify to enter a Master of Biblical Studies program. This is a religious degree focused on Biblical studies and Christian ministry. It is a statement to churches, Christian organizations and to congregational leaders that the holder of a degree from Sunset has achieved a high level of knowledge and training and has earned the degree designation. Our degree program is designed to equip students to teach the whole counsel of God, and to effectively participate in a variety of ministry applications.

Since Sunset is a single purpose professional institute of ministry, our degrees reflect our uniqueness. We don’t want to misrepresent the nature, scope and substance of our degree program. We are committed to preparing students for ONE THING: Ministry in the Lord’s church. Since our program is an intensive academic and practical study of the Bible and related ministry subjects it does not include a liberal arts component. Sunset International Bible Institute is not seeking regional accreditation but it is widely recognized among Churches of Christ as a quality ministry training school. Our degree program is authorized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The value of any degree from any institution is only as good as (1) the quality of education received, (2) the quality of the faculty, (3) the quality of the skills developed by students, and (4) the success of the graduates. These four points especially apply to church sponsored degree programs such as offered by SIBI. Proficiency in these four major areas supports the following value of a degree in biblical studies from SIBI.
  1. It is an incentive to do better quality work than a non-degree program may inspire.
  2. There is value in being challenged to a deeper level of commitment and study.
  3. Degree work deserves degree recognition.
  4. It is an academic testimony to successful completion of a high quality program in Bible, ministry and related subjects. A graduate is a specialist in ministry.
  5. It is a testimony to a church seeking a minister that a graduate has completed a high quality Biblical education at the degree level.
  6. A degree may open doors that otherwise may be closed to non-degreed ministers.
  7. A degree will usually gain more respect and recognition in the community. We live in a “degree conscious” world.
  8. It is a personal achievement that can inspire personal satisfaction and self-esteem from having earned your degree in biblical studies.
  9. It is a positive incentive to make a commitment to be all you can be for the Lord and His work.
  10. It is very affordable. Check out the costs of other programs and compare them to the Sunset degree program.
  11. It demonstrates your willingness to “do more than just get by.” You have taken the more challenging route to biblical education.